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Keep your spending up in times of corona
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Corona: Make sure you stay visible

The corona crisis is spreading. We are dealing with a pandemic that is seriously affecting the economy. Make sure you remain visible and maintain your position in the market.

The corona crisis is spreading. We are dealing with a pandemic that is seriously affecting the economy. Many entrepreneurs have to fight to keep their heads above water. It is tempting, when things are slowing down, to keep your hands on the purse and stop your marketing activities. But is that also wise? Here you can read our vision on this matter.

The government measures have major consequences for entrepreneurs. Many companies have to close, others can just keep their heads above water. And some benefit from the corona virus, thanks to smart trade or a sought-after product. Despite the support package from Minister Hoekstra, by far the largest group will take off in the coming period. We advise you, if it fits within your healthy business operations, to continue your marketing activities as well as possible during this period. Our special support package can help you with this.

Stay visible in times of crisis

Especially in times of economic downturn it is important to remain visible. That is not only our view, it is substantiated by various studies *. Companies that have continued to invest in their visibility during previous economic recessions have benefited from this in the subsequent economic boom.

The graph below shows how an insurer in England first reduced its media spending around the 2008 crisis and later stopped it. You see that spontaneous brand awareness, in line with spending, is declining.

As far as we are concerned, this does not only apply to large brands with huge budgets. The same laws apply at the local level for the small player. Not being visible means sinking into the head of your target group. You will quickly lose a carefully built position in the market. A position that you have to rebuild with great difficulty in an economic boom, while retaining it now will help you to emerge strongly from the recession.

How do you do that? Stay visible? Certainly with a limited budget, it is not easy to guarantee your visibility. This Play Media has the solution: display advertising.

Display advertising as the ideal means for affordable visibility

Display advertising is ideal for maintaining your visibility. You can use it super locally, but also regionally or even nationally. In addition, you can target in such a way that you can work with both a small and large budget.

The advantage of display advertising compared to search engine advertising, for example, is literally your visibility. A display ad, which is shown in, for example, an app or on a website, consists of an html or gif banner. A striking and appealing statement that is actively displayed to your target group. You assure yourself of visibility with your target group. Exactly what you need.

An edge over your competitors

Do you dare to take the plunge? Is it within your options to invest in media instead of keeping a close eye on things? We are happy to take up the challenge for more visibility and a strong resurrection from this crisis. That way you get a head start on your competitors.

Our advisers will be happy to visit you (of course we take the necessary measures and adhere to the guidelines) or make an appointment for a digital meeting.

Stay healthy!

Ivan Tadic

*we rely on various sources of WARC

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