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The place of display advertising in the customer journey

How can you best use display advertising if we look at it from the customer journey?

The customer journey - you may know the term from the marketing world. At This Play Media we specialize in display advertising. With this we usually advertise specifically on mobile devices. Where is this in-app advertising in the average customer journey? And what does that mean for how you can best use display advertising? We explain that in detail in this blog.

What is the customer journey or customer journey

The customer journey (or customer journey): a concept that you may be familiar with. Especially among marketers, it is a commonly used term to describe what a customer's purchasing process looks like. What contact moments does someone go through before making a purchase? And what does the process look like afterwards? How do you organize your after sales and your service channel? Mapping a customer journey is a useful tool to answer these types of questions and make choices in your marketing mix.

De klantreis en de plaats van display advertising

The five stages in the purchasing process

We can roughly divide every purchase process into five phases: awareness, consideration, purchase, service and loyalty. That is: from first contact to a loyal customer. The average consumer does need a while to go through that process.

Display advertising mainly delivers reach

With display advertising you mainly make progress in the awareness and consideration phases. You therefore mainly build reach and ensure that your target group will consider your product or service. The product is ideally suited for this, because you:

  • can target audiences that don't know you yet (awareness)
  • can target audiences you have seen before (consideration)
  • can generate a huge reach (awareness and consideration)

Stimulate purchases with display advertising

It is also possible to use display advertising in the purchase phase. This can work well, for example, if you use it as a remarketing tool. In doing so, you show the target group that already knows you (for example through previous website visit) a message again. This increases the chance that people will make a purchase.

Take advantage of this knowledge

Now that you know the place of display advertising in the customer journey, you can use this knowledge to make the most of your advertising budget. Preferably use your displays as a tool to stimulate reach and consideration. Or apply it in a slightly different way in the purchase phase of your target group.

Do you want to know exactly how we can fit display advertising into the customer journey of your target group? How we can help you expand your reach explosively? Then we are happy to help you.

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