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Slob brokers

At Slob Makelaardij, personal attention, service and reliability are paramount. After all, buying or selling a home is a transaction that you may only do a few times in your life. Slob Makelaardij has opted to advertise on smartphones in its own catchment area in order to draw prominently to the attention of the target group. Brokerage is a competitive market with many brokers fighting for the same small offer. Slob Makelaars hopes to build up and, more importantly, maintain a preferred position.

Questions to Rob Slob:

  • did you have any doubts beforehand? which?
  • which services have you purchased?
  • what was the result?
  • how did it help you?
  • something nice to tell you?

Rob Slob, Real estate agent in Harmelen:

1. Yes I had doubts. Many products are offered in the field of presenting yourself. For a layman like me it is difficult to estimate what will and will not work

2. I have taken Mobile Display Advertising. Since I am a sole proprietorship and this is a considerable investment for me in the advertising field.

3. We have only been working for 1.5 months, but so far nice response from people in the village. I am approached when I walk in the village or I get screenshots of people via whats app.

4. That is still difficult to say in the short term. We have only just started and I do not have a product where you can quickly gauge how much influence it has.

5. Not really, very busy with housing right now haha;).

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