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Display advertising is een belangrijk onderdeel van uw marketingmix
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Display advertising

Display advertising can be found all over the internet. They are the advertising banners on websites with images and a targeted advertising message. For many entrepreneurs, a display ad is another way of advertising that is missing from their marketing strategy. We think that's a shame. This way of advertising offers many extra possibilities compared to textual advertisements and is therefore an indispensable part of a good marketing strategy. By properly deploying display ads for your company, you can directly address, convince and activate your target group.

Display advertising meaning

In essence, display advertising is very simple. It means that you are using images or videos in your ads. By properly deploying display advertisements, you can address your target group in a very targeted manner. One of the great advantages of a display ad over text ads is that you can better convince and activate your target audience by creating a visually appealing ad. The meaning of display advertising cannot be summed up in a few words. This Play Media specializes in advertising on mobile phones. With us you advertise on the mobile apps and websites of titles such as, and

The advantages of display ads

Using display advertising within your marketing strategy has a number of clear advantages. Below we discuss the two main advantages, namely: building brand awareness and the possibility of targeted advertising. It is precisely this large range in combination with targeted targeting makes this way of advertising very interesting for every company. We will of course work with you to determine how display advertising can yield the best results for you.

Advantage 1: Increase brand awareness

The biggest advantage (and often the goal) of display advertising is that it is an effective way to increase your brand awareness among the target group. By using images, your message sticks better to the target group and you can also convince your target group better.

When you advertise via Programmatic advertising, your display ad will be displayed in a huge network of websites that have joined the relevant Ad Exchange. Programmatic advertising is therefore a great way to quickly grow a lot of reach. It is also possible to show display advertisements to your target group on social media, so the potential reach of display advertising is almost endless.

Advantage 2: Targeted advertising

Another great advantage of display advertising is the possibility of targeted advertising.

Lots of targeting options

Display advertisements offer the possibility to target on various factors. Not only can you target by demographics (for example: gender, age, or location), but you can also target by interests. For example, do you only want to appeal to people who are looking for a home or do you want to reach people with a specific position? Display marketing offers the possibility to reach your target group very specifically.


You can also choose to only show your display ads to people who have seen a certain product on your website before. This is also referred to as retargeting or remarketing. Based on the behavior of the visitor, we can determine which advertisement best suits his / her needs. Retargeting is an interesting option because the return compared to the costs is often very high (high ROI)

Dynamic targeting

Because you target 'dynamically' and not 'static', it is determined in real-time whether each visitor who can come into contact with your ad falls within your target group. If not, the ad will not be shown.

Factors for a successful display ad

With our many years of experience in display banners, we know which factors are important for the success of a display campaign.

To begin with, it is important to know what you want to achieve. By setting clear goals, we can set, evaluate and adjust your display campaign accordingly.

Another important factor for a successful display campaign is the ability to reach the target audience with the right message at the right time and in the right place. This way, every euro you invest in your display campaign is used effectively!

Three reasons to start with display advertising now

Still unsure whether a display campaign should be part of your marketing mix? Take a look at the three reasons below to start with display advertising:

  • You increase your reach easily and quickly.
  • You always advertise targeted and target group-specific.
  • With dynamic ads, you increase the effectiveness of your other marketing efforts.

Examples of display advertising

We have a lot of experience with online advertising. View examples of display advertising on our page with cases, sometimes in combination with other forms of online advertising. For more display advertising examples, please feel free to contact us.

Different types of banners

Display ads are therefore banners and banners come in different shapes and sizes. You can find a good overview of the types of banners at our partner Ad Creators. There are HTML banners and GIF banners, each with their own specific properties. The sizes of the banners vary and depend on the use. Every medium requires different formats. We can advise you well in this.

How does it actually work?

The question of how display advertising works is difficult to answer. An important part of the answer is programmatic advertising, a technique that we use to automatically achieve the best possible impressions to the right target group, at the right time and in the right location. We use Ad Exchanges and we use real-time bidding to pay the best price for the available positions at the so-called ad auctions. For this we ensure that we have the banners ready in the correct formats and that we know exactly how much we want to pay for a position. We are happy to explain it to you in a conversation.

Outsource display advertising with This Play Media

Do you want to start with a display ad, outsource display advertising or improve your display campaign? We are happy to help you with this! There is a lot to be said for outsourcing your display advertising campaign by a knowledgeable marketing agency.

At This Play Media we start with an intake interview. Here we map out who your target group is and which channels are of interest to you. We also discuss the factors by which we can segment the target group. Age, interests or place of residence, for example.

Once we have decided after the intake interview what your goals are, who your target audience is, which channels will be used and which message you want to convey through display advertising, we will start designing the display banners. We create the banners for you and take all the work off your hands.

We then set up the campaigns and will evaluate them and adjust them where necessary.

Request demo banner

Display advertising is the way to increase your brand awareness and convince your target audience. Would you like to know how we can create an original advertisement for you or would you like advice on setting up display campaigns? Request a free demo banner!

Free Display Advertising manual

Download nu onze whitepaper! In deze Display Advertising handleiding lees je alles over Display Advertising en hoe en waarom je er vandaag nog mee moet beginnen. Klaar om je business een boost te geven?

Request demo banner

Display advertising is the way to increase your brand awareness and convince your target audience. Would you like to know how we can create an original advertisement for you or would you like advice on setting up display campaigns? Request a free demo banner!

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Are you ready to boost your business with Display Advertising? In this free whitepaper you can read all about the why and how of display ads.

Thanks! Have fun with your whitepaper. Do you have any questions? Then you know where to find us.

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