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Using Adwords to increase your brand awareness?
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Adwords specialist in Nijmegen

You want to be found when someone searches for your service or product. The competition for the top positions in Google is huge and it can take a lot of time and effort to optimize your web pages so that you can be found quickly. This Play Media has a solution for you: a Google Adwords campaign. You can outsource your Adwords to us.

Why you want to use adwords

Google Adwords is Google's advertising program and enables you to rank high in Google's results for a fee. Ask yourself: if you have a question, what do you do? Chances are, you'll whip out your smartphone and let Google find the answer. A few more reasons to use advertising on Google:

Google is still by far the most used search engine

With an Adwords Campaign you can use remarketing: this means that you can, for example, serve your visitors to your website in other places.
You can choose both text ads (search results) and display ads. Advertising on Google is indispensable in your media mix!

Adwords in short

Advertising on Google is quite simple. Basically it works like this: you can bid on a keyword or keyword combination and the one that offers the highest gets the highest position. You can create different campaigns, ad groups and advertisements in Adwords. This way you can create a different ad for each keyword combination.

This Play Media knows the intricacies of setting up and managing an Adwords Campaign and is happy to take this off your hands.

Tips for your Adwords Campaign

Google Adwords is a complex program. We recommend that you engage an expert before you get started. Do you want to get started with Adwords yourself to get to the top of Google? In any case, please observe the following tips:

  • Optimize, optimize, optimize: dive deep into the data that Google Adwords makes available to you and regularly focus your campaigns based on this
  • Don't just look at clicks, but also the bounce percentage on your landing pages: if this is too high, your landing page or your ad is not good
  • Take into account voice search and the specific terminology associated with it, for example: I'm looking for a restaurant nearby

Outsource Adwords to an Adwords specialist

At This Play Media we specialize in setting up and managing Google Adwords campaigns. So that you do not have to worry, but still enjoy an optimal result. Our focus? Advertising on mobile. As a specialist in mobile advertising, we naturally pay extra attention to how your advertisements score on mobile.

Google Adwords at This Play Media

Do you also want a return with your Google Adwords? Contact us and we will discuss the possibilities with you without obligation

Direct contact

You can find This Play Media in the 52 degrees building in Nijmegen. From here we are happy to visit you throughout the country! Get in touch now.

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