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Advertise locally

Local advertising can be accurate up to 50 meters. A perfect complement to targeting characteristics such as age, gender, income and interests. Location-based marketing allows you to use your mobile advertisements in a smart and unique way.

Why advertise locally?

When you spend money on advertising, you want to make the most of every dollar. Location based marketing helps you with this. Do you only want to reach students on a technical course? Then we will only show your ad at locations where these students are. Do you sell high quality furniture and do you want to reach people with an above average income? Then we focus on specific postcode areas in combination with prominent titles such as Elsevier and Quote.

Also consider:

     Target specific events: only show your ad on a festival site - ideal for beverage brands
     Targeting Your Competitors: Change your competitor's target audience
     Target a specific neighborhood: if you are a local entrepreneur, you only focus on your own neighborhood

Enough reasons to start with location based advertising. This Play Media is happy to take this off your hands.

Regional advertising

Regional advertising is of course also possible instead of hyper-local. For example, you can choose to be visible in certain provinces. This way you can define the area in which it is important that your advertisements are seen. Of course we can advise you on this. The size of the ad area also affects the budget: the greater the reach, the higher your budget should be. That is why local advertising is a godsend for many entrepreneurs.

Advantage over newspaper ad

In most cases, local mobile advertising is a lot more affordable than advertising in a local newspaper. But that's not the only benefit. With mobile advertising you have:

  • better targeting capabilities
  • more beautiful, dynamic expressions
  • measurable results

You know exactly how many people have seen your ad and how many people have clicked on it.

Learn more

Would you like to know how we can create an original communication for you or how we can shape your campaign concept? Request a demo banner and we will give you a free preview of the possibilities.