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Youtube advertising

YouTube is the largest and most popular video website in the world. This platform attracts a billion unique visitors every month. Did you know that 4 billion videos are viewed per day on YouTube? And that a quarter of that is displayed on a mobile phone? The days when we only watched television are long gone. YouTube advertising is very popular and particularly suitable for increasing your brand awareness. This Play Media provides this video advertising for you.

Why you want to advertise on YouTube

Traditional television channels are outdated: everyone streams. Today's YouTube vloggers are tomorrow's big stars. This is the medium where you want to be seen. Some statistics at a glance:

  • More than 60 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube worldwide every minute
  • The average session time of a mobile visitor on YouTube is 40 minutes, which is extremely long for internet concepts
  • More than half of YouTube visitors are mobile

Would you like to use YouTube advertising to boost your brand awareness? This Play Media arranges it for you.

YouTube marketing in short

To advertise on YouTube, you need an ad video. This Play Media can put you in touch with a partner company to produce it for you. Advertisements are placed via an Adwords Account - YouTube is a subsidiary of Google after all.

You can advertise on YouTube in several ways: with an in-stream ad, a discovery ad or a so-called bumper ad. This Play Media is happy to advise you on the right option for you.

By sharply defining your target audience, we ensure that your videos are only shown to the right people.

Tips for successful video advertising

Of course you want to focus efficiently on your YouTube marketing. This Play Media is happy to think along with you.

For example, consider the following tips:

  • Put your brand and the trigger of your video up front
  • Don't repeat your video to the same user too often
  • Use cards for interaction

YouTube advertising at This Play Media

Do you want to advertise on the largest video platform in the world? This Play Media takes care of it for you.

Direct contact

You can find This Play Media in the 52 degrees building in Nijmegen. From here we are happy to visit you throughout the country! Get in touch now.

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