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On average, the Dutch look at their mobile 221 times a day. This Play Media is the specialist in display advertising with a focus on programmatic.


SPECIALIST IN DISPLAY ADVERTISINGAttract, convince and activate your target group with display ads

Display advertising is everywhere on the internet. They are the advertising banners on websites with images and a targeted advertising message. For many entrepreneurs, display advertising is still a way of advertising that is missing in their marketing strategy. A pity, we think. This way of advertising offers many extra possibilities compared to textual advertisements and is therefore an indispensable part of a good marketing strategy. By using display ads properly for your company, you can directly address, convince and activate your target group.

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THE WHOLE WORLD IS CONNECTEDWhat is display advertising?

At its core, display advertising is very simple. It means that you use images or videos in your ads. By using display ads properly, you can address your target group in a very targeted way.

One of the major advantages of a display ad compared to text ads is that you can better convince and activate your target group by making a visually attractive ad.

The meaning of display advertising can therefore not be captured in a few words. This Play Media specialises in mobile phone advertising. Through our company, you advertise on the mobile apps and websites of titles such as NU.nl, Telegraaf.nl and Buienradar.nl.

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Display advertising is the way to increase your brand awareness and convince your target audience. Would you like to know how we can create an original advertisement for you or would you like advice on setting up display campaigns? Request a free demo banner!

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