We are experts in programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising deserves a place in your marketing mix. Where you used to reach the masses with one ad, you can now advertise one-to-one.

We use a technique for this: programmatic advertising. On this page, we explain how it works.

What is programmatic advertising?

Simply put, programmatic advertising is the automated purchasing of advertising space. Automated systems and algorithms ensure that the advertisements are shown to the right people, who we have defined together with you as your target group.

We purchase this advertising space on special online markets. In microseconds, the match is made between the supply, the demand and the highest bidder. We can therefore divide the programmatic system into a number of elements: the supply side, ad networks, sales houses and ad exchanges.

The supply side of the programmatic system

On the supply side find the so-called operators. These are parties that have advertising space, ie where the advertisements are shown. These are, for example, NU.nl, Telegraaf, Buienradar and more than 100,000 other well-known and lesser-known apps and mobile websites. Together we determine on which channels you would like to advertise or not and we give appropriate advice based on your target group profile.

The ad networks, sales houses, SSPs and DSPs

The parties with advertising space, which we mentioned above, do not all sell their advertisements themselves. For this they engage intermediaries, who bundle the advertising space of various parties. Thanks to the volume advantage that this creates, they can act more efficiently. These intermediaries are ad networks and sales houses. Their offer is brought together in so-called sell-side platforms (SSPs). Such an SSP communicates with a so-called DSP, a demand-side platform, via an Ad Exchange.

Ad exchanges

The ad exchange is therefore between the SSP and the DSP and ensures a match between supply and demand. This is completely automated. We are affiliated with more than 30 of these ad exchanges, with the result that we can target and buy extremely sharply. The more supply, the lower the price.

Sharp targeting thanks to programmatic

Thanks to this programmatic system, we can target your display ads extremely sharply. Because we are affiliated with many ad exchanges, we have many factors that we can segment on, such as geographical factors. But, we can also target on, for example, interest, purchase intention or previous contact with your company.

Realtime bidding

On an ad exchange, a match is quickly made between a website or app user on the one hand, and the provider of an advertisement on the other. Based on the profile of the user, it is determined in a few milliseconds whether or not an advertisement should be shown. Subsequently, the various requesting parties in the demand-side platform make a bid for this ad position and the highest bidder wins. This process is fully automated and takes place in that one millisecond that you load your web page.

Programmatic advertising continues to evolve

In order to target sharply and get the right ads to the right target group, we have to play the game of supply and demand as well as possible. And that while the technology of programmatic advertising does not stand still. For example, data is playing an increasingly important role. Data is indispensable to make a match between supply and demand, but it is also better protected. Privacy legislation is becoming stricter and changing. Our experts follow these developments closely, in order to be able to continue to serve you as an advertiser optimally in this ever-changing market.

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