messcherp targeten met display ads

Razor-sharp targeting

One of our specialities in programmatic advertising is razor-sharp targeting of your target group.

Because we are affiliated with so many ad exchanges, we can target your ads on many different factors. On a geographical level, for instance, we can do anything. For instance, it is possible to target Dutch people abroad. Perfect if you are targeting the business traveller or the retired couple in the Spanish sun. Or do you only want to target around the establishment of a competitor? No problem.

Game of supply and demand

Het scherp targeten vraagt beheersing van het spel van vraag en aanbod. Aan de ene kant is er een adverteerder, die zijn advertentie tegen zo min mogelijk kosten wil tonen aan een gespecificeerde doelgroep, mogelijk ook nog onder bepaalde omstandigheden. Aan de andere kant is er de aanbieder, die zijn advertentieruimte zo duur

Sharp targeting requires mastering the game of supply and demand. On the one hand there is an advertiser, who wants to show his advertisement to a specified target group at the lowest possible cost, possibly under certain circumstances. On the other hand, there is the provider, who wants to sell his advertising space as expensive as possible. The highest bidder for the advertising space wins.

Meanwhile, technology is not standing still. The world of DSPs, SSPs and ad exchanges continues to develop at a rapid pace. The world around it is changing too. Data plays an increasingly important role. With the right data, we can show your advertisements to an even more specific target group. Recent developments in privacy legislation (the AVG) have made this more complicated. It is no longer permitted to simply collect and record all personal data. At This Play Media, our experts follow these developments closely. This enables us to respond to changing market needs and regulations.

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