Local advertising and targeting

With This Play Media you can advertise with up to 50 metres accuracy.


LOCATION BASED MARKETINGLocal advertising and targeting

You can advertise locally with an accuracy of 50 metres. A perfect complement to targeting on characteristics such as age, gender, income and interests. With location based marketing you use your mobile ads in a smart and unique way.

We target your mobile ads as specifically as possible for maximum results so that every euro is invested in the best possible way.

SPEND EVERY EURO OPTIMALLYWhy advertise locally?

When you spend money on advertising, you want to spend every euro optimally. Location-based marketing helps you do that. Do you only want to reach students in a technical study programme? Then we will only show your advertisement at locations where these students are. Do you sell high-quality furniture and do you want to reach people with above-average incomes? Then we focus on certain postal code areas in combination with prominent titles such as Elsevier and Quote.

You want to spend every euro as well as possible. As an entrepreneur, you know your target group. And you want your ads to be seen only by your target group, so that every euro is invested as effectively as possible. This Play Media makes it possible.

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Also think about:

  • Targeting specific events: show your ad only on a festival site – ideal for beverage brands.
  • Targeting your competitors: make your competitor’s target group change their mind.
  • Targeting on a specific neighbourhood: if you are a local entrepreneur, then only target your own neighbourhood.

Enough reasons to start with location based advertising. This Play Media is happy to take this off your hands.


Instead of hyper-local, regional advertising is of course also possible. For example, you can choose to be visible in certain provinces. In this way you define the area in which it is important that your advertisements are seen. Of course we can advise you on this. The size of the advertising area also affects the budget: the larger the range, the higher your budget will have to be. That is why local advertising is a godsend for many entrepreneurs.

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