aanbodzijde van het programmatic systeem

The supply side of the system

Providers are pushers or operators. For you as an advertiser, this is very important.

The supply side of the programmatic ecosystem is in principle the most important for you as an advertiser. These are the places where your advertisement will be shown. Perhaps you have specific wishes about certain channels where you do (or do not) want to advertise. We think along with you and can compile an advice that perfectly matches your target group profile.

Ad networks and sales houses

The providers are publishers or operators. These are the parties who have advertising space at their disposal. These are websites or apps, such as NU.nl or Buienradar.nl. They make display space available to advertisers. But there are also parties who bundle the advertising space of various parties and act as intermediaries. These parties can act more efficiently due to the volume advantage. We call these supply-side intermediaries ad networks or sales houses. These parties bring their supply together in a so-called sell-side platform (SSP).

This sell-side platform communicates via an ad exchange with a demand-side platform. For each advertising position, a unique match is made with a demand on the other side of the system.

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