Ad exchanges

Ad Exchanges

Ad exchanges are the parties that provide the perfect match between SSP and DSP.

What are ad exchanges?

In the programmatic ecosystem, we find the so-called ad exchanges between the supply and demand side (or SSPs and DSPs). These ensure that supply and demand are matched as closely as possible in a fully automated manner. There are many large ad exchanges and This Play Media is affiliated with more than 30 of these parties. As a result, we are able to target and purchase very sharply.

More supply is advantageous

When we have to make a match between our demand and the available supply, it is advantageous if the supply is as large as possible. This increases the chance that we can reach the target group at a lower price.

Examples of ad exchanges are ppNexus, AOL, Microsoft Ad Exchange, Rubicon Project Exchange, Smaato and DoubleClick Adx. There are special exchanges for specific content. For instance, there are exchanges where only videos are sold.

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