Outstream Video

Outstream video is growing fast. These are video advertisements on pages where videos are not normally shown.


STAND OUT WITH OUTSTREAM VIDEOUse Outstream Video for your marketing

Outstream Video are advertising videos that appear on web pages, without there originally being a video on that page. This has greatly increased the possibilities of video advertising, as you can use it to advertise in a raid. For example: halfway through a news article a video is shown that automatically plays and also disappears as soon as the user scrolls further.

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EXTEND THE REACHWhy is Outstream so interesting?

Outstream video is still in full development. New formats and advanced implementation techniques are constantly being developed, which are still attractive enough to keep the user interested. As far as we are concerned, these are the most important reasons to go for Outstream Video:

  • More reach: you reach your target group on every possible channel

  • More focus: your target group watches your video with more attention, because it starts halfway through a page and only continues when they actually watch it

  • Longer viewing time: research shows that people watch Outstream Videos 25% longer.


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