Native Ads

Deploy ads with the look and feel of the editorial content.


ADVERTISE WITH CONTENTWhat is native advertising?

Native advertising is placing adverts that look like the editorial content on a page. Both in terms of design and content, the ad matches the other content. The idea is that your ad stands out less as such and will be viewed or read faster.

Native advertising with This Play Media

At This Play Media, we can help you with different forms of native advertising. Think of:

  • branded content
  • featured content
  • programmatic native ads

In the case of programmatic native advertising, we use our programmatic expertise to optimise ad placements as much as possible, thus maximizing the result.

Why is this interesting?

However contrary it may sound, a native ad is more noticeable because it blends into its environment. Research shows that native ads can generate more interaction with the target group. A native ad can therefore be a great addition to your other advertising activities.

A good native ad

A good native ad blends perfectly with the look and feel of the website on which it appears. The design of a native ad is therefore very important. Our consultants and designers can tell you more about this.

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