De vraagzijde van het programmatic systeem

The demand side of the system

The process of buying and serving advertisements takes place in a so-called programmatic ecosystem. In it, we find three parties: suppliers, buyers and parties that bring the two together.

The demand side is united in various demand-side platforms. This is where all parties seeking advertising space come together. The requirements for the advertising position and the circumstances are set out here and then an ad exchange provides the best possible match. With the demand-side platform, we can manage and optimise your advertising campaign centrally. This ensures that you do not pay too much. In the DSP, bids are automatically placed on advertising positions according to specific algorithms. We can also link external data to this, such as from your CRM system or Google Analytics.

We have the know-how

In principle, you can participate in this demand side yourself in the programmatic advertising system. However, it does require a lot of specific expertise to do it in a good and efficient way. That is why we always advise you to work with a party such as This Play Media. We have the know-how to run the most profitable campaign for you.

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